European Structural Funds CAMPUS

CAMPUS “University “Politehnica” of Bucharest - Center for Advanced Research on Materials, Products and Innovative Processes”, owner University “Politehnica” of Bucharest (partner AI Multimedia Lab), funded under ESF - European Structural Funds, POS-CCE, ID956 (budget ~14M Euro, 2012-2015).


The creation of the UPB’s advanced research & development center for multi- and inter- disciplinary technologies. The center should be uniquely designed, both from the infrastructure point of view, as well as functionality: a 7 stories green and intelligent building with unconventional power sources, energy recovery, reuse of resources, and intelligent management systems, integration of 42 research labs, equipped at European standards and connected in a complete inter-disciplinary technological flow, starting with the study of materials (chemical engineering), going to electrical engineering and electronics (e.g., circuits, antennas), power and mechanics (e.g., alternative energy sources, environmental protection), and then telecommunications, information technologies (e.g. multimedia processing) and computer science (e.g. artificial intelligence).