GRAVI “Virtual Guardian: Artificial Intelligence Powered Multi-Sensor System for Automatic Securing of Areas of Interest”, owner Softrust Vision Analytics, partner University “Politehnica” of Bucharest (led by AI Multimedia Lab), funded by UEFISCDI, Industry Transfer Axis (budget ~350k Euro, 2020-2022).


The project proposes an innovative, multi-sensor solution that will ensure the protection of high dispersed geographical areas with minimum operating cost and installation. It targets the development and implementation of an innovative communication protocol between any type of sensor and modern surveillance equipment, the development of innovative systems for automatic detection and intervention in the field for the analysis and confirmation of target events, the development and implementation of an advanced data fusion system that combines information from different sensors connected to the system, the development and implementation of event analysis and management techniques. The project starts from software models (deep neural network algorithms) and further integrates them into the proprietary KVision platform, a highly scalable video management system.