SalvAIoT: “Artificial Internet of Things (AIoT) Platform with embedded systems and TinyML algorithms for search and rescue applications”, owner National University of Science and Technology Politehnica Bucharest (led by AI Multimedia Lab), funded by National University of Science and Technology Politehnica Bucharest, GNAC2023 ARUT, STARTING GRANT-SG (budget ~10k Eur, November 2023 - December 2024);


Between 2015-2022, Mountain Rescue Romania rescued over 57,000 people through search and rescue operations (SAR). The causes of mountain incidents are deviation from the route, failure to adapt to environmental conditions and SAR recommendations, technical errors in practicing mountain sports or natural disasters. The SalvAIoT project proposes an incident prevention and support system for SAR teams equipping tourists and SAR drones with sensors, state-of-the-art embedded systems and innovative TinyML algorithms for route assistance and victim location.