SPIA-VA “Technologies and Innovative Video Systems for Person Re-Identification and Analysis of Dissimulated Behavior”, owner University “Politehnica” of Bucharest (led by AI Multimedia Lab), partners UTI Grup, Romanian Ministry of National Defence — Military Equipment and Technologies Research Agency, public beneficiary Protection and Guard Service, funded by UEFISCDI, Solutions Axis, grant 2SOL/2017 (budget ~2.2M Euro, 2017-2020).


Within the actual context of terrorist threats, SPIA-VA aims to develop intelligent systems for automatic person re-identification, detection of dissimulated behavior and speech analysis. The proposed system is inherently multi-modal via processing of multiple and variable quality sources, e.g., video, audio, text, infrared, depth, thermal, as well as the fusion of these. The proposed solution pushes forward the state of the art in deep learning and is designed to respond to a large variety of functional and operational scenarios. It is to be validated in real world scenarios, developed in cooperation with the beneficiary military public institutions.