Vitis-IoT: “ADER 6.3.13: Smart Viticulture Based on IoT Techniques - Premise for Climate Change Management”, owner SCDVV Blaj, partners National University of Science and Technology Politehnica Bucharest (led by AI Multimedia Lab) and SCDVV Miniș, funded by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, contract no. ADER 6.3.13/27.07.2023 (budget ~250k Eur, July 2023- December 2026).


The present project aims to identify the technical requirements of a system using IoT technologies and AI techniques (IoT-AI system), as well as to design, develop and operate this system to digitize the processes of monitoring the works applied to soil, vines and those of disease and pest control, of evaluating the phenological phases and the health and nutrition status of plants, resource efficiency and grape quality and production.